Mae Bae Enti*PL

Introducing Mae Bae, our delightful 1-year-old Blue Bicolor Ragdoll, whose sociable and playful nature has earned her the title of our cattery’s princess. Despite her small size, Mae Bae boasts an impressive presence, weighing 5 kg. Her elegant blue bicolor coat, coupled with her mesmerizing blue eyes, truly highlights the enchanting beauty of the Ragdoll breed.

Mae Bae’s friendly and communicative personality ensures that she is always at the center of attention. Her amiable nature endears her to everyone she meets, as she eagerly partakes in conversations and seeks out opportunities to interact with her human family members.

Playtime is Mae Bae’s favorite activity, as she thrives on engaging with her fellow feline friends and humans alike. Her boundless energy and joyful spirit create an infectious atmosphere, encouraging everyone to join in the fun and games.

We take immense pride in raising Mae Bae in a loving and nurturing environment, ensuring she continues to flourish as a cherished member of our cattery family. Her sociable personality, friendly demeanor, and playful temperament exemplify the delightful qualities that make Ragdoll cats such treasured and heartwarming companions.