Kendall Enti*PL

Introducing Kendall, our lively 1.5-year-old Seal Mitted Ragdoll, whose spirited personality and affectionate nature make her a truly captivating member of our cattery family. With a medium build and a weight of 4 kg, Kendall’s stunning seal mitted coat and striking blue eyes are a testament to the alluring beauty of the Ragdoll breed.

Kendall’s talkative nature sets her apart, as she is always eager to engage in conversation with her human family members. Her charming chattering and curious expressions never fail to bring a smile to our faces, making her a constant source of joy and entertainment.

In addition to her loquaciousness, Kendall is also an affectionate and cuddly companion. She adores snuggling up with her humans, seeking out warmth and comfort in their embrace. Her love for cuddles is only rivaled by her passion for playtime, as she gleefully chases after toys and engages in spirited games with her fellow feline friends.

We take great pride in raising Kendall in a loving and supportive environment, ensuring she continues to thrive as a cherished member of our cattery family. Her animated spirit, talkative nature, and affectionate temperament embody the delightful qualities that make Ragdoll cats such beloved and endearing companions.